Help your Child discover their Confidence Superpower!!
Help Your Child Discover Their CONFIDENCE Superpower
The Can-Do Kid’s Journal: Discover your Confidence Superpower is bursting with tried-and-tested activities that will empower children aged 7-11 with skills they need in this time of turbulence, change & uncertainty. This fun-filled illustrated journal is perfect for developing resilience, confidence, and a growth mindset. It offers kids a multitude of engaging guided activities to help them make lots of small changes that will make a BIG difference in their day-to-day lives. In this illustrated journal, children discover:    

·       How to believe in themselves

·       How to face challenges with confidence

·       How to learn to bounce back after setbacks

"We’re working our way through this and really enjoying it. It’s jam-packed with loads of positive messages, ideas, and tips to help build a more positive and resilient mindset. May even steal a few ideas to use in my work setting too! Would definitely recommend this book, and I’ve found myself trying to use some of these strategies myself, alongside the kids. I think working your way through this book really helps to build up kids' emotional and social confidence and maturity. I think I’ll be purchasing a few more copies to give away as gifts."

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